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  • Architectural Consultancy
  • Interior design (Residential, Offices, Retail, F & B outlets, Hospitality)
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Why choose SFX Interiors ?

We are passionate design & technical professionals with more than two decades of rich experience to deliver interiors for projects of diverse scale and occupancies like residential.corporate,retail,hospitality,landscape & architecture. each project we work on is an intensive collaborative process with our clients & internal stakeholders. Our creative solutions are always with a commitment to quality, value for money and making compelling spaces that anticipate future needs.

Our designs are pragmatic yet deliver a wow effect with a unique identity where there are so many companies who just give you typical & prototype solutions and do not put an extra effort in making it unique for you-going from rebellion to zen...!

Intelligently Innovative Design

We can help you understand and optimize your interior space of any scale or occupancy type. we work with you for lateral customized solutions with a value for money.

We craft designs that make the best use of your space yet consider the future aspirations of your organization. We are passionate about coming up with solutions that go beyond the expected whilst considering real needs. our obsessive attention to detail and layout are evident in all aspects of our work. we create the unique identity of your place that communicates the values of your business, with our ideas, innovative design solutions, materials selected and colour palettes. You can choose consultancy or turnkey services through us.

Total Turnkey Services

We provide bespoke services to you at all stages in the occupancy cycle through strategic planning and standards. We provide building appraisal, and selection, detailed occupancy planning to post-occupancy evaluation. Interior fittings and furnishings are selected from an extensive network of suppliers to provide you with optimal choices.

We undertake any type of occupancy or scale. Our services are collaborative with you from the moment your need arises for a place to designing, managing authorities, execution, project management, technical co-ordination and successful handovers with warranties. We ensure every project is delivered within your parameters of occupancy, time, budget and unique identity.